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Our Suppliers - Creative Concrete & Paving Christchurch

Creative Concrete & Paving Christchurch uses reliable suppliers with top quality products and services. 


Our main suppliers are:



Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete

Christchurch Ready Mix provides concrete, shingle, sand, and aggregates. A locally owned and operated firm, Creative Concrete & Paving uses Christchurch Ready Mix because of their high quality products and as part of our commitment to the local Christchurch area. 

Concrete Plus Limited

Concrete Plus has an extensive decorative concrete range to add colour, texture and patterns for use in commercial and residential projects. Their product line includes applications for new concrete and existing concrete requiring rejuvenation. 

Permacolour Limited

Permacolour has an extensive range of concrete sealers, coloured sealers, and coloured concrete to create attractive decorative options for existing and new concrete areas.

Grant Brothers Concrete Pumping

Based in Kaiapoi, Christchurch, Grant Brothers Concrete Pumping has the best available pumping equipment, which is why they are used by Creative Concrete & Paving.