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Concrete Paving

Creative Concrete & Paving can create fantastic finishes in your outdoor living spaces, driveways and paths.  Concrete is durable, hard-wearing, and a huge range of beautiful concrete finishes can be achieved using different aggregates, colours and textures



Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is one of the most commonly used concrete finishes, particularly in driveways and paths.


It is the most affordable concrete choice, and is durable and attractive.


Plain concrete is coated using cretecover to increase its durability.

Coloured Concrete

Colour can be added to both plain and exposed aggregate concrete.


A huge range of colour options are available, and when combined with decorative the use of decorative cuts the options available become almost limitless.


A range of effects can be created, such as a faked pacing look, and when it is finished with sealer it takes on a glossy look

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is becoming an increasingly popular concrete look.


Effects possible with exposed aggregate include textured, stone, wet, and glossy.


Exposed aggregate is hard wearing and has more impact than plain concrete.